The Psychology of Trees
by Jenny Bolis

A collection of dramatically
dark images by Jenny Bolis.
The viewer is invited to discover
the mystery of female psychology,
as we are drawn into a dreamstate
of female intuition, architecture
and the mythology of Trees.

Photographed during twilight,
the images possess a sense of
magical surrealism.

Beautifully printed in rich blacks
and dark greens on uncoated paper,
this book was shortlisted for the
2009 Fremantle Art Print Award Prize.

Jenny Bolis is a Melbourne
based artist and designer.
Dr Daniel Palmer is a senior
lecturer in the theory of art &
design at Monash University.
Kate Rhodes is the Curator at the
State of Design (and former editor
of Artichoke Magazine).Published: 2009
Limited Edition: 400
44 Pages, 148mm x 210mm
ISBN: 9780980653007
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