Interior Music
by Jenny Bolis

Sometimes silence can be loud indeed.
In this exquisite and intimate tome
Jenny Bolis creates a series of
enticing narratives that will draw the
viewer into her world.

It is a place of contemplation and pause,
a place that suggests the moment
before sound, before dance and perhaps
moments before unforeseen drama
and hints of foreboding.

Bolis’ photography is, at heart, romantic;
a realm of unspoken poetry and
shadowy mystery where she allows
the imagination of the viewer to
choose their own Interior Music to play.
Designed with restraint and elegance, Bolis’ latest publication is a collectors
item to be cherished.

Jenny Bolis is an artist
and Designer.

Ashley Crawford is a writer
and the author of Wimmera:
The Work of Philip Hunter
(Thames & Hudson),
The Work of Stephen Bush
(Sante Fe Museum, Texas).

Megg Minos has a BA
in creative writing from
RMIT University.

Published: 2010
Limited Edition: 400
96 Pages, 85 x 12 x130mm
ISBN: 9780980653014
Purchase Here RRP: $20.00