Dark Flowers
Australian Wildflowers
by Jenny Bolis

Dark Flowers is a lush photographic
book featuring a selection of wildflowers
from Australia. This exquisitely produced
monograph depicts native flowers
emerging from darkness and lit by
soft light, offering the viewer a chance
to contemplate the structural complexity,
unique colour and variety of each
plant form.

Emerging from various habitats and
climates across Australia this range
of flowering plants display adaptive
traits necessary to survive, plant forms
that have evolved to flourish in the wild.
These flowers have been photographed
in an atmosphere of stillness and
meditative detail, separated from the
natural environment but vividly and
hauntingly alive.

Jenny Bolis is an artist
and Designer.

Megg Minos is a writer,
artist, bookbinder,
florist and gold &

Published: 2011
Limited Edition
32 Pages, 148 x 9 x 210mm
ISBN: 9780980653021
RRP: $20.00