Broken Doll
by Jenny Bolis

“Inspired by the ballet Giselle,
which similarly teeters between
diametric impulses of loyalty
and betrayal, revenge and forgiveness,
is the story of a broken-hearted girl.
Summoned from her grave,
Giselle refuses the compelling
influence of the supernatural Wilis,
and breaks the dance of death
to save her unfaithful lover.”

“These photographs are haunted
by an otherworldly realm.
The young vitality of the
poised ballerina against the
antique ceiling roses and
curvilinear metalwork found in
Melbourne’s heritage buildings,
are all detailed in various
shades of red”.

Essay by
Dr Jessica Neath
MADA, Monash University.

Ariana Hond

Jenny Bolis
Artist and Designer

Published: 2017
Limited Edition
32 Pages, 148 x 9 x 210mm
ISBN: 9780980653083